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Premium Tasmanian Whisky  

Corra Linn Distillery crafts a unique and premium product in the heart of Tasmania. Using only the best ingredients, and distiller techniques that have been fine-tuned to delight every occasion. A combination of passion and a hint of Tasmania means the result is distinctly superb and unique to the palate. Citrus, full of body and character allows the essence to speak for itself.


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About Tasmania

Tasmania is a humble Island State situation at the bottom of Australia. If you want to sound like a local, it’s known as Tassie! Tasmania has a population of just over 500,000 making it an intimate community of a diverse culture and most importantly incredibly untouched landscapes. Tasmanian’s pride themselves of being premium growers and providers of unique produce including wine, raw ingredients for gin and quality whisky. Tasmania is an experience not just a destination.

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 About Corra Linn Distillery

Corra Linn Distillery is situated in Relbia overlooking the valley of the North Esk River. It is this pristine water that flows from the mountain reserves that forms the main ingredient of the whisky produced. Corra Linn Distillery prides itself in precision, small batch production using the finest Tasmanian ingredients. Quality malt, Tasmanian honey and oak barrels refashioned by Tasmania's renowned cooper, charred to specification, all assist in providing flavours during the ageing process. The master distiller techniques and the ageing process, reveal and achieve the full rich botanical flavours providing a unique taste. The amber liquid has a light start with balanced oak characters, revealing the port and sherry overtones from the refilled barrels used. It is soft and sweet, with layers of citrus and has a spiced finish which gives it full expression showing its eloquence and giving it character, putting it into a class of its own.


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